Mount Repairs & Cleaning

Mount Repairs & Cleaning

Have a mount that has fallen off the wall, lost a piece of ear or nose, cracked a horn, or just plain dirty. We can repair and clean most mount, depending on the extent of the damage.

On-site cleaning services can be arranged on enquiry and will depend on location and quantity of mounts.

Your mount is a natural product which, if not looked after, will deteriorate with time, no matter who did the taxidermy.


Taking Care of Your Trophy Mounts

Monthly/Bi-weekly Dust each trophy

This should be done using a feather duster and/or a soft dry cloth. Dust the entire trophy from top to bottom. This will help prevent a build-up of dust and dirt.

Once each year - do a deep-clean and trophy room fumigation if necessary

Us a mild detergent (like dishwashing soap) dilute in a bucket of water. Not too much soap as you don’t want to make bubbles when mixing. The cloth must be damp (not soaked), wipe down your mount in the same direction of the animal’s hair. After wiping down make sure to gently fluff the animal‘s hair using a hair dryer on cold setting or gentle compressed air.

For habitat and bases use compressed air to blow dust out of all the hard-to-reach places. Be careful not to damage delicate grasses, etc.

To clean glass eyes, wipe the eyes with a q-tip (ear bud) dipped in standard household glass cleaner. For the nose gently wipe with a damp cloth.

Cleaning Bird and Fish Mounts

For all bird trophies use a real feather duster, making sure to lightly dust with the feathers and not against the natural lie of the feathers. Never use anything wet when cleaning birds as this will damage the feathers.

For fibreglass fish mounts, gently wipe with a damp cloth. For really dirty mounts, use dishwasher liquid mixed with water. Be careful to not damage delicate fins.

Horns & Antlers

Horns and antlers can be wiped clean with a damp cloth during your bi-weekly or monthly clean. To keep horns looking good, a high-quality penetrating furniture grade wax/oil can be lightly applied to bring out the natural colour.


…use chemical-based products to clean trophies

Hang trophies near fireplaces and/or smoke

…Touch your trophies too much as this will result in hair being displaced/damaged or dislodged

…Expose your trophies to extreme temperatures fluctuations or direct sunlight as UV rays as this will discolour/fade you trophies over time.