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“…. I got my trophy - thank you very much.  I like it - looks great.  Thank you for your work and the service - I would do it again with you....”
Malte von Brauchitsch, Germany

“…. Hi, just wanted to drop you a line and compliment you on your work - finally got my heads from the shipper and they are superb - your attention to detail is noticed and appreciated - also you have niftiest shipping / packing system I have seen yet....” 
Eric Willoughby, U.S.A.

“…. They have arrived.  Wonderful! I am, as always, very happy, please tell Nicole… .Many thanks again, great quality! ....”
Nick Oostenbroek, The Netherlands

".. You did a really good job, the trophy is perfect.  I'll recommend you and your services...."
Theobald Anslinger, Austria

“…. Today we finally unpacked my buffalo.  Nicole he is superb!  Your work is second to none.  We’ll be getting him up on the wall next week.  The bookends and my springbuck are also magnificent.  I must say the packing was excellent too.  Everything arrived undamaged.  Thanks so much.  He lives at our house now.  You are the best!....”
John Farnam, U.S.A.

“…. I have just received the trophies and they are simply stunning!....”
Richard Damgaard, Norway

“…. We picked up the trophies yesterday.  Andrea and Tyler were so excited.  The quality of your work is outstanding!  The trophies are beautiful.  You really captured the authenticity of each animal as we saw them in the field.  Again, great job and we look forward to having you do our next hunt....”
Michael Foster, Alaska U.S.A.

“…. I received my kudu this weekend and I must say it looks amazing.  You did a fantastic job and I have had several compliments on the mount.  Thanks for giving me something that I will always have to remember my first of many African hunts with Joe and yourself…Your work is the best I have ever seen, and once again thanks....”
Jackson Fulham, U.S.A.