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Taxidermy Services

Buck ‘n Bass Taxidermy offers a comprehensive and personalised taxidermy service, which includes the mounting of all animals. Bases and habitats for full mounts or dioramas can be customised to suit the client's requirements.

Taxidermy mounts

All our forms are of 80D polyurethane foam, allowing flexibility in customising of mounts to client's specific requirements.
We use the best materials we can buy and do not compromise our quality with cheap products.
All capes / skins are tanned in-house with the latest tanning chemicals and processes.
Shield mounts utilise the solid indigenous woods of the region.

Custom novelties

Packing and crating

Crates are custom manufactured to accommodate each client’s trophies.
Crates are made of wood, conforming to International fumigation regulations and requirements.
Packing is done on site by experienced personnel who ensure that the trophies are securely packed with no risk of coming loose during transport or being damaged.

Taxidermy logistics